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Sporty Citrus by Michael Kors Rollerball




Sporty Citrus By Michael Kors Rollerball Fragrance & Lip Gloss Duo

This limited edition rollerball eau de parfum /lip gloss tints lips with a natural shine and can simply be flipped to refresh with your favorite Michael Kors fragrance on the rollerball side - perfect for the girl who is on-the-go.

Sporty Citrus by Michael Kors is a fruity, unique fragrance for women. Included is a Michael Kors Peach Lip Luster. A beautiful blend of orange, madarin and musk to create the fabulous Sporty Citrus EDP Rollerball by Michael Kors. The rollerball duo includes a peach lip gloss to create the perfect juicy lips to top of your look.

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