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The perfect media player

The newest version of the perfect media player – T95-S1 – is based primarily on a completely new design and components that make it 50% faster than its predecessors. 

Watch Movies, TV Series, Cartoons & Internet TV Channels from around the world.

T95-S1 is a multimedia device based on Android 7.1, which will turn your TV to Smart TV without the need of spending much money for a new model of TV. Just plug the device in HDMI port, connect it to an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network and you are ready to go.

You can stream media from the Internet using our installed applications or you can play them from usb stick or Micro SD card attached directly to the device. No matter what you will attach, the T95-1 will play almost everything


•Connect the T95-S1 to the TV in your living room and enjoy the smart TV contentat your fingertips.

•With the included remote control you will discover a whole new experience while navigating your media library and playing on the big screen.

•The entire contents of Google Play Store is available to you.  •All Android TV units sold in our Shop come pre-installed with apps allowing the viewer to access sports, movies and TV shows streams. You can download movies and music directly on your device, or just simply stream them for your viewing pleasure.

•You will have unlimited access to a large range of sports channel and be able to watch up to date movies and all your favourites and current TV programmes on demand. Hardware video decoding through the T95-S1 supports hardware decoding of video footage in high definition at 1080p. The playback of compatible video material is smooth and fast.


•1 x Analog AV

•1 x HDMI 1.4

•1 x Ethernet

•2 x USB •1 x Micro SD

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