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Bunion Corrector Epitact

Bunion Corrector Epitact

Bunion Corrector Epitact

Do you have a Bunion on Your Foot? Whether or not it is causing you problems, don’t ignore the consequences: it should be addressed as soon as possible to limit the negative repercussions on other joints and especially on the knee. This is the purpose of the hallux valgus corrector orthotic, achieved by realigning the big toe! Unlike a traditional hallux valgus splint, it is for use during the day. Which results in a greater support and relief from the pain, where already present, caused by hallux valgus. This orthotic can be used as a treatment, but also as a form of prevention to limit the progression of hallux valgus by correcting the positioning of the big toe.

Due to the patented flexible and ultra-slim design with built-in EPITHELIUM®FLEX technology, the hallux valgus orthotic can easily be adapted to fit any shoe and it can be worn during the day, every day.

Unlike a rigid hallux valgus splint, it acts during walking on all of the factors that can aggravate the deformity:

- The patented external tendon made from EPITHELIUM®FLEX silicone straightens the big toe. The extent of correction can easily be adjusted by exerting greater or lesser tension on the tendon.

- The EPITHELIUM®FLEX external tendon also absorbs pressure on the bunion and therefore relieves pain.

- The Epithelium® disc creates a comfortable toe piece that acts as a counter-support with the shoe and allows the 1st metatarsal to be pushed back.

- The extra-slim metatarsal compression sleeve acts against crushing and widening of the forefoot.
Can be machine washed at 40°C in the mesh laundry bag provided.
Lifespan: several months.
Sold individually. The protector is suitable for either the left or right foot.
Conditions of use: The hallux valgus orthotic must not be used if the big toe is no longer moving freely. In this case, you should choose Hallux Valgus Protector.

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