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Elave Baby Intensive Cream

Elave Baby Intensive Cream

Deeply Hydrates and protects delicate babies skin

We all know that baby's skin is sensitive so it stands to reason that we should use the most gentle and pure products on their delicate skin to avoid irritating it.

Elave baby range has been specifically formulated for baby skin.

Medical research in Dermatology points to the first 6 months of life as the most likely time for eczema and sensitive skin problems to develop.

It is during the first 6 months that it is critical to choose the most gentle, irritant-free skincare which is free from common skin irritants and that's where elave baby comes in!

Elave baby intensive cream is an intensive moisturiser ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Elave baby intensive cream is so pure and gentle that it is ideal for newborn and baby skin.

It contains Camomile to soothe dry irritated skin and is an ideal emollient dry patches and eczema.

Intensively moisturising formula reduces the itch of dry skin & eczema
Protects delicate skin from dryness and flaking
Apply as often as required to relieve dry patches & eczema
Quickly absorbed helping to relief itchy skin
Ideal for pregnant women
Highly recommended by Dermatologists for sensitive skin conditions such as eczema & dermatitis
Hypo-allergenic formula
Clinically tested on sensitive skin
Suitable for reactive and sensitive skin types including eczema & dermatitis. 

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