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Green Angel Argan Body Oil

Green Angel Argan Body Oil

Green Angel Argan Body Oil leaves dry and lifeless skin toned and hydrated with improved sensation, bursting with radiance.

It contains four types of hand-harvested Irish seaweed, which is rich in minerals and vitamins.

Green Angel Argan Body Oil is suitable for both your body and your hair. It helps to deeply hydrate the skin, nourishes dry skin, and locks in moisture. Perfect for daily use, it is particularly effective after showering.

Use generously on damp skin for maximum absorption. Massage gently into the skin in circular motions. It can be applied to the hands or a cloth. Allow it to soak into the skin before applying any other product.

You can use the Argan Oil overnight in your hair and wash it out in the morning. It can also be used on the tips of the hair after styling.

Size: 200ml

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