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Ogam Oils Uplifting

Ogam Oils Uplifting

Aromatherapy is the practise of using plant extracts known as essential oils to bring about both physical and mental well being.

How to use the Oils

Burner, in the Bath, Massage & inhalation

Eucalyptus -  Clears mind,aiding concentration. Used for respiratory infections, could help asthma & hay fever suffers. Eases aches & pains, good for wounds.

Lemon -  Conducive to clear thinking. Eases bloodflow, relieves varicose veins. Also helps with colds, flu, fever, stings, insect bites, warts, corns, verrucas & cleanses oily skin conditions.

Lemongrass * - Invigorates the mind & helps you get going. Excellent for aching muscles & general muscle toning. Could help with jet lag & lethargy.Used for gastric upsets. Cleanser, especially oily skin, may help acne. Not to be used on sensitive skin areas.

Juniper Berry - Stimulates the mind in difficult situations. Used for cystitis & urinary tract problems. Is good for rheumatism & arthritis. Can be used for acne, clogged pores & weeping eczema

Geranium * - Soothing effect on the nervous system helps to rebalance the mind. Used for regulating hormonal system. May be used for P.M.T, regulate periods, mouth & throat infections. Good overall skin cleanser

Oils marked *  not recommended for use during Pregnancy

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